SMILE 5kW Inverter with 10.1 Battery

Alpha-ESS SMILE 5kW Inverter with 10.1kWh Battery

Ultra-modern Hybrid solution

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This inverter and battery combo offers contemporary, space saving design for modern properties.  High performing and easy to install.

  •  Integrated 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with a 10.1 KW lithium-ion batteries.
  • The batteries are modular and storage size can be expended up to 60Kwh.
  • The ultra-modern and modular design makes it  easier to install thanks to the built-in switches and isolators
  • Can support 6 600 Watts of PV Panels (3300 per MPPT).
  • Can function with or without PV panels, and can be used as either an energy backup or UPS system.
  • Provided with a 24/7 Monitoring App via the Alpha Cloud.
  • Technical Specification (Read more)
  • Battery Technical Specification (Read more)
  • 5 Year Product Warranty, 10 Year Battery Warranty (Read more)