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Integrated Solar Solutions

  • Supplier of Solar Panels
  • Supplier of Solar Batteries
  • Supplier of Solar Inverters
  • Supplier of Solar Accessories
  • These are the basic components required to produce sustainable usable solar energy power 
  • Contact our technical team for a free professional quote based on your energy requirements.

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Our Specialization

We at Marcel’s Solar specialise in…

Solar Panels

Supply locally and internationally manufactured World class solar panels.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are one of the main components of solar applications like off-grid and grid tied solar systems. Marcels Solar have a wide range of solar batteries to meet your requirements.

Solar Inverters

Our popular and affordable off-grid inverters employs a tried and tested methodology of reliability and stability.

Technical Advice and Software

Contact our professional technical team for a free consult on your individual requirements and they will tailor make a customised system for you. Contact us today.